Morton's Log Home Chinking Company

Morton's Log Home Chinking Company

Quesnel's Morton's Log Home Chinking Protects and Preserves 

Your Most Valuable Asset -- Your Beautiful Log Home.

To chink or not to chink?  That is often the question facing log homeowners.  Log homeowners love the warmth, beauty, elegance, and practicality of owning a log home, but they also recognize the importance of preserving the natural beauty of their log home investment.

As a family-owned business, Morton's Log Home Chinking Company of Quesnel has been helping log home, cabin, and building owners preserve, protect, and restore their valuable investment for many years to come.

Morton's Log Home Chinking Company guarantees you receive top quality professional workmanship, which is designed to meet your budget requirements.

Morton's Log Home Chinking Company recognizes the value of maintaining your log home properly and professionally.  They are dedicated to keeping your log home in excellent shape year-after-year.  Morton's Log Home Chinking Company also knows the importance of detecting potential problems:  dry rot, graying and fading, as well as protecting your log home from bugs and rodents -- their professional expertise and knowledge can help you preserve and protect your most valuable asset.

Morton's Log Home Chinking Company exclusively uses industry-leading Perma-Chink products and systems.  Perma-Chink is a pure acrylic that adheres perfectly to logs and stretches to maintain a tight seal by following the log contours and movement.   Perma-Chink is flexible textured chinking, which seals any open gaps between logs.  All log homes receive Log End Seal, which protects the end grain of the wood of each log.


Why chink your log home?

1.     It stops and prevents moisture build-up and/or air infiltration.

2.     It conserves energy, keeping your log home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

3.     It is preventative maintenance like chinking that increases the resale value of your log home.

4.     Chinking seals and protects the beauty of your log home.

5.     It prevents intrusions from invasive pests like bats, bugs, and mice into your log home.

6.     Chinking matches your log home as it comes in eight colours.


Morton's Log Home Chinking Company of Quesnel proudly offers

the following services:

·  Professional log chinking service

·  Complete log restoration and refinishing

·  Complete log surface preparation -- sanding, grinding and washing

·  Stain and topcoat application

·  Boosts the energy efficiency of your home

·  Detect and repair rot

·  Mold and mildew abatement and repair

·  Exclusive use of the industry-leading Perma-Chink - a superior chinking product and system


Protecting and preserving your log home will give you peace of mind, the pride of ownership, enhance the value of your investment, along with years of worry-free log home living.

Need log chinking, log home restoration, or log home refinishing?  There is only one company you can entirely depend on, and it is Morton's Log Home Chinking.  Call them today for a free estimate and consultation.  Visit their website to read a list of informative, frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Morton's Log Home Chinking Company - Call today 250 991 1584


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