Dick Byl Law Corporation

Dick Byl Law Corporation

Dick Byl Law Corporation

Dick Byl Law Corporation is one of Northern BC’s leading personal injury and family law firms, serving clients throughout British Columbia from their offices in the beautiful city of Prince George. 

If you want a lawyer who hasn’t forgotten that he works in the service industry, you need to look no further than Dick Byl. For more than three decades, Mr. Byl has been ensuring his clients’ rights are fairly represented in complex cases.  He has experience in many forms of litigation and has argued leading cases in all levels of court in Canada, including in the Supreme Court of Canada and the BC Supreme Court.  He is currently using his over 40 years of experience to represent clients in Family Law.

Suite 300-1777 3rd Avenue, Prince George, BC V2L3G7
Email: info@dbylaw.com
Website: https://dbylaw.com/
Telephone: (250) 564-3400
Fax: 250-564-7873

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Categories: Lawyers, Lawyers | Family Law

Dick Byl Law is well known for its competent, efficient, and friendly representation.  They make it easy to access a professional family law lawyer and offer a free initial consultation so you can receive a fair assessment of your case.  

When a marriage or common-law relationship ends, it can be a difficult and stressful time and may require the services of a qualified Family Lawyer in Prince George.  At Dick Byl Law, their Family Law Team handles all aspects of family law, including property division, parenting arrangements, family business, and pension division, and more.  They represent their clients professionally to reduce conflict and ensure they receive a fair outcome.  

Come and see them at their modern, comfortable office in downtown Prince George, or call them at 250-564-3400  (Toll-Free 1-800-835-0088)  today to schedule your free consultation!



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