B.K. & Family Enterprises Ltd

B.K. & Family Enterprises Ltd

Quesnel's B.K. & Family Enterprises invites you to

join their family of satisfied customers.

We are family, and that is why owner Brent takes such personal pride in every job they do.

B.K. & Family Enterprises is a fully insured, WCB covered, diverse, and multi-faceted company, which is family-owned and operated in Quesnel. They do tree removal, excavating, landscaping, debris and junk removal, dump service, light and heavy hauling, wintertime snow removal, and more.

Tree Trimming and Removal Service:

 B.K. & Family Enterprises has the expertise with certified tree fellers, are fully insured and have WCB coverage. They can safely and efficiently assess your tree situation, trim your trees, remove brush or problem trees, mulch, recycle and haul away the chips, branches, and wood waste and provide stump grinding. They will leave your yard looking better than before. That is why they are a complete tree service for both residential and commercial projects. Tall trees are no problem for their 80-foot bucket truck. Safety is their number one priority.

B.K. & Family Enterprises also has a log splitter for rent to make your fall wood gathering easier - or they will split and deliver the wood for you.

Excavating and Landscaping Service: 

B.K. & Family Enterprises has expertise with certified workers, are fully insured and have WCB coverage. They are equipped with a skid steer Bobcat and rubber-tracked mini excavator, along with a dump trailer. They dig trenches, do spring and fall yard clean up, auger holes, do site prep and leveling, and dig & install foundations and basements. They also offer drainage and waterline solutions and sell and install new and used culverts. 

Snow Removal and Plowing:

B.K. & Family Enterprises provides the expertise required in this industry with certified workers, are fully insured and have WCB coverage. They provide complete snow removal, hauling, sanding, and plowing for both commercial and residential customers. With a 7-yard single axle sand truck with a snowplow and a skid steer Bobcat, they can tackle any size of snow removal job - from driveways and roads to small and large parking lots. The company also provides street, parking lot, and driveway sweeping. 

Light and Heavy Hauling: 

B.K. & Family Enterprises offers light and heavy hauling. Their certified staff can transport anything you need to be hauled, including automobiles, small machinery, and a wide variety of materials. They are fully equipped to haul hay and other agricultural products and are fully insured and have WCB coverage.


Here's a summary of what B.K. & Family Enterprises can do for you:

Tree Trimming and Removal Service

Assess your tree situation
Trim your trees
Remove brush or problem trees
Mulch and stump grinding
Recycle and haul away the chips, branches and wood waste  
Residential and commercial projects
80-foot bucket truck
Safety is their number one priority
Log splitter for rent
Split and deliver firewood 

Excavating and Landscaping Service

Skid steer Bobcat
Mini excavator (rubber-tracked) and dump trailer
Street, driveway, and parking lot sweeping
Spring and fall yard clean up
Holes augured
Site prep and leveling
Dig and install foundations and basements
Drainage and waterline solutions 
New and used culverts
Snow Removal and Plowing

Complete snow removal, hauling, sanding, and plowing
Commercial and residential 
Driveways, roads, small and large parking lots


Light and heavy hauling
Automobiles, small machinery, and materials of all types
Hay hauling and other agricultural products

Best of all, B.K. & Family Enterprises make an annual pledge to donate to a local charitable organization of their customer's choice. Giving back to the community is genuinely the “family thing to do”.

When you hire B.K. & Family Enterprises, it is like hiring family. Call Brent today, and you too will be happy to say “we are family”.



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